How does a Chatbot help business’s growth? (Part 2)

We have discussed what is the concept of Chatbots and what are the differences between the two approaches in part 1; But the real question is how to use Chatbots, whether contingent on artificial intelligence or rule-based, in business.

Chatbots simplifies the interactions between user and service companies and improve the customer experience. At the same time, they offer new opportunities for companies to refine customer operational efficiency by reducing routine customer service costs.

A Chatbot solution must be able to perform tasks effectively. Human support plays a key role here; Regardless of the type of approach and platform of Chatbots, human intervention is essential for applying settings, training, and optimizing the Chatbot algorithm.

The most important advantage of a Chatbot on a site for the user is the availability of all the required information and services in the shortest possible time. This interactive platform personalizes the site for the user and makes its space more advantageous and practical. Supporters of popular websites effortlessly provide the content that a customer needs through a Chatbot, This makes the information on the site more efficient and effective than before.

What statistics show is that Chatbots are mostly operated to get answers to urgent questions. Therefore, companies that do not have 24-hour support cannot answer user's dire questions. As a result, if a company is not available to answer customers' questions during off hours, using a Chatbot is a good option, and in this way, customers will receive answers to their questions 24 hours a day.

Based on data, using a Chatbot becomes especially important when the customer expects to receive the answers to their questions within 4 hours after asking, while it takes up to 10 hours for companies to answer questions.

Chatbots also help simplify the online shopping and payment process. They answer user's questions and solve problems that users have during the decision-making or purchasing process. Chatbots can also recommend similar or alternative products to users by performing a search or even allowing payment through the chat panel.

A Chatbot can be designed to capture important user information such as email, phone, etc., and send this information to the marketing department so that they can follow up on the conversation. Then, by asking customers questions and evaluating the answers, the employees of these units can filter potential and qualified customers to send the most valuable leads to your sales team.

Creating an environment of trust between your business and potential customers is an essential factor, and having a Chatbot can help you with this. Chatbots demonstrate your commitment to customer experience. Also, using Chatbots, you can automate surveys and receive feedback from customers, and design the Chatbot to collect new and useful feedback and use it to improve your services in cooperation with the CRM and data analysis team.

The interesting thing about Chatbots is that this new phenomenon has helped concepts such as customer-oriented or people-oriented businesses in e-commerce. Maybe earlier, when it came to customer orientation, all eyes were directed toward the market and physical purchases and sales. But now the situation is different. Chatbots help businesses to have constructive interactions with customers. The result of this interaction is customer satisfaction and more profit. Undoubtedly, customers will be much happier when they see that their presence on the site is so valuable that you are willing to take the time to satisfy them.

It is clear that before any step, anyone should first assess their needs and see what this Chatbot is going to do for them and where they want to use it. Now that the need for a Chatbot has been determined, the next step is to start looking for the production of a suitable Chatbot for the business. There are two ways to create a Chatbot that has artificial intelligence. 

Whether to produce it from scratch, which requires an expert and technical team in the field of programming and web development and in addition to all this, you need a fully specialized force in the field of artificial intelligence or you can use a White-label Chatbot already produced by a technology company and modify it to suit your business.

Either way, Paratech can provide services that are completely tailored to the needs of any business. Our team is proud to develop Chatbots based on artificial intelligence, as well as Chatbot templates ready to serve businesses. 

One of our latest hybrid Chatbot projects that follows both rule-based and AI-based Chatbot algorithms is the children’s media suggestion Chatbot which is designed to give parents a great solution to find the fit media and entertainment based on their children's condition and age. By receiving predefined keywords and analysing previous interactions between the user and the bot, this Chatbot suggests new micro-moments that are different each time.

You can get more information about this interesting project by clicking here.

Another project based on our artificial intelligence is the McMan fitness project.

In this AI-based Chatbot, the application will analyse the needs of the user and compare it to their last month's workout plan, and diet type, and a result that leads it to provide new and custom workout plans and diet tips that are designed in the most optimal way according to individual's goals.

So, we take pride in ourselves for being an expert sailor in this red sea of new technologies with its newest deadly shark the Chatbot, and we can give you a very comfortable and informative voyage through, by listening to your concerns and ensuring you a safe journey; Contact Paratech whenever you feel like it. We’ll get right back to you as soon as possible. Also, you can visit our Chatbot case study page to gain more about what Chatbots can do.


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